International Women’s Day

International Women’s day –
A very popular day which is celebrated in almost every office,every institute where people talk about women getting the empowerment.
It’s good to celebrate such days but I think we should celebrate men’s day with equal enthusiasm.
We have always talked about women getting equal rights, women having the same position in the society as men. Yes this is exactly what we have always wanted.
We don’t want more.
We don’t accept less.
If behind every successful man is a woman then behind every successful woman is also a man.
A man who is her father and has given her enough freedom to be independent.
A man who is her brother and have her sister do whatever he is allowed to do.
A man who is her friend and believes that if ever he needs a shoulder to cry on he has a strong one.
A man who is her husband and supports in all the ambitions she has, believe in her dreams.

I would like to thank all the men for letting us know what a society with equality looks like.

Happy Women’s Day to all the beautiful ladies out there and to all the respected men who are equally responsible for bringing the change in our society.

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