Where am I headed?

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Rushing our mornings to reach the workplace on time.
Running after money, counting every single dime.
Work seems unfulfilling, relationships heavy and life dull.
Watching Youtube whole night, killing time, secretly wishing for someone to cuddle.

Switching style, switching jobs, switching relationships nothing seems good enough to hold on.
Change is the only constant they say, if you are stable you are a moron.
Cities are crowded and villages narrow minded.
God seems deaf, religion dumb, vision completely blinded.

We have developed a defense mechanism to laugh at our problems.
There is no spring, it seems we are stuck in a long Autumn.
We have a huge social network to show the world how happy we are.
Selecting the right image out of 100, putting right filter, hiding our scars.

If someone uninstalls WhatsApp that’s a huge concern.
We put on a sad status, block people, anything to avoid an unpleasant conversation.
We are depressed because we have made so many plans
but afraid to execute, afraid of failure we don’t even take a chance.

Everyone’s advice is to play safe, to stay out of trouble.
We are scared of investing in anything because dreams here burst like a bubble.
Be it a money investment in a business or time investment in a person.
Be it anything, nothing beats the fear of rejection.

We stalk, we spy, we plan our conversations.
We judge everyone like we have attained perfection.
We remain glued to our phones while talking to our loved ones.
After all, a funny meme seems more exciting than the poem your son has written.

Dinner parties, foreign trips they are just an escape from reality
but they are much needed to keep us going, to keep our sanity.
Posting pictures on Instagram, Facebook, we are in a constant need of approval.
We need to make a real connection and for a while give rest to Google.

We need to feel good about what we do and who we are.
We need to act on our stupid ideas, no matter even if they sound bizarre.
We need to stop running blindly and for a moment just freeze.
We need to become thoughtless for a moment , sit down and just breathe.

Remember, every now and then to be solo and enjoy your own company.
For bliss is in being alone, listening to your heart’s symphony.
Take risks, speak out your mind, no matter how much you dread it.
Remember, to ask every now and then, Where am I headed?


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5 thoughts on “Where am I headed?

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  1. The most sought out writing I have come across in recent times…It s a perfect blend of reality and emotions. The running mode needs to be introspected at small intervals of time and luckily the writer has amazingly portrayed it. Insta and fb are just for popularity and not fr inner peace. One is at peace when one is away from crowd . Happiness is all when we find it in ourselves and not depending on others. This transcript has vividly demonstrated the myth that social media is an ingredient of our busy boring lifestyle….It has its plus but to an extent …..Well done my bestseller… Well said 10/10..

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