Rain Café- Polo Orchid Resort, Cherrapunjee


We were roaming on the streets of Cherrapunjee, when we saw a place lit up with coruscating lights. It was a full moon night, with a beautiful noise of Seven Sisters Falls in the background. We were hungry, so we decided to go to that lit up place, hoping to find a restaurant or a Café.


To our surprise, it was a beautiful resort at the end of a cliff in Cherrapunjee with a breathtaking view around. We went inside, spent some time clicking pictures and then asked the staff about the dining facility in the resort.




We were told that there are two options for dining:

  1. Sky Grill: Sky Grill is a luxurious open air dining venue in Polo Orchid resort. This restaurant is situated on the edge of a cliff giving you a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains, perfect for a romantic dinner.
  2. Rain Café: Rain Cafe Cherrapunjee is Polo Orchid’s All Day Dining venue serving breakfast, dinner and lunch. It has an amazing ambience and a great menu.

Since, there was still an hour for the Sky Grill Dining to open up, we decided to visit ‘The Rain Café’. This Café has a pleasant ambience with the entire look of the place reminding you of the second rainiest place in the world “Cherrapunjee”.





Picture: Some great quotes about rain


Coming to the food:  We were served a complimentary papad with a fresh mint chutney. We ordered a Chilly Potato, Chilly Garlic Noodles and a Paneer Pudina Tikka.  The food served was mouth-watering and delicious.




The menu and the service of the café is great. The staff is extremely polite and helpful. You can also try traditional Meghalayan Dishes there.

If you guys are planning to visit Cherrapunjee soon, I would recommend you to definitely stay at this resort and take the experience of an amazing view, open air dining at Sky Grill and a rain based themed café.


2 thoughts on “Rain Café- Polo Orchid Resort, Cherrapunjee

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    1. They serve non-veg as well. We went pretty early to this place i.e. Around 6:30 PM. People start gathering after 7:30 PM, but there’s less crowd here at night because most people choose to dine at Sky Grill (Polo Orchid’s open cafe) at Night. In all, cafe is really great and is a must visit.


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