Beauty beyond the concealing trees..!! Kheerganga Trek

A glass full of tea..A sweet corn bowl and A free jacuzzi… What else we want? Simply nothing! This is enough to enjoy a b’ful place which is surrounded by zig-zag mountains and lush green trees. Let me take you all to a place which seems like heaven during off-season. Yes, off season, you heard me correct. The trek is so challenging during off season that sometimes, it will force you to ask whether we should have started this trek in the first place. However, after reaching at the top every single negative thought will convert into positive and will left you with a daring feeling.

Let’s start

This trek starts from foothills of Parvati parvat situated near kasol. The journey is divided in to two phases.

Reach Bhuntar – Nearest railway station – pathankot (150 km), Regular bus service from delhi post 6pm. Suggested route  “Delhi – Chandigarh – Mandi – Bhuntar”.

Reach Barshaini – Take a bus from Bhuntar to Manikaran (35 km) and then take another bus from Manikaran to Barshaini (18 Km).

My recommendation is to reach early around 8AM in the morning to the base point “Barshaini” and be ready for the trek.

The trek has two routes, first one is from ‘Rudra Nag” and second one is from “Kalga”. “Rudra Nag” route is more steeper than “Kalga” but it also has stunner views. Hence, it is a must follow route for all those who seek adventure and photography enthusiasts.

So, it was simple for us to choose, we decided to follow “Rudra Nag” route. The total distance from Barshaini to Kheerganga is 13km if you follow “Rudra Nag” route.

We reached late at Barshaini as we were coming from Manali. So, we started late around 01:30 PM which cost us a lot in term of late night trek on slippery steep paths.

Coming to the trek, right from the very start you will see “Parvati” river flowing at its full pace.

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After half an hour of trek, there is a viewpoint and the mountains views are awesome. We had some clicks over there.


After 1 hour of trek, we saw a small waterfall on right side. It was deep and at a good height. Trek up to this point was steep and we were gaining height at a good pace. There was no snow until now, so that was easy for us to trek and we tried to cover as much as we can without making any stops.


Finally, we reached a small village and had refreshment at 03:25 pm. We had completed 2 hrs of trek until now. Here, we had a glass of tea. Yes, glass of tea.!:D The cost is Rs 40/- but it is more than sufficient for a person to boost up again. We took half an hour break and were ready to depart around 03:50 PM. After 15 min of trek from here, a crystal clear water stream appeared from the top. We were curious to know the starting point of it. So, I asked our guide and he replied,” you will.” This mystery kept us pushing hard to reach that point.


As we were getting closer, stream width was also increasing and current too. Around 4:30 PM, we reached “Rudra Nag”. It was basically a waterfall and a holy temple located here. Just before “Rudra Nag’ waterfall, there was a shaky bridge down side to the trek route.


After 20 min of trek from here, we finally reached our mystery place :D. There was a bridge and bridge was over a waterfall with crystal clear water. It was an amazing view from the top.

As the clock struck 04:50 PM, sun had almost disappeared and after crossing the bridge, patches of snow started appearing around the path.


It was totally dark around 5:15 PM. We were using our flash lights to trek and it became more difficult when we needed to walk over melted, slippery snow. At this part of trek, on left side there is a dense forest and trek is narrow, even a step here or there and suddenly you are off trek, sliding down the steep slope. So, we were taking care of everyone who were present there. Some curves were  too steep and narrow, so, we were holding each other hands to move forward safely. Atmosphere was so tense and I made a mistake here, I had taken only 2 photographs after the sunset, so I thought “let’s take a pic”. I opened my flash and clicked. Every single person behind me got flashed for a moment and that was too embarrassing for me. But that was fun too. And you can’t guess what I clicked at that time.. “Bushes”..:p


Narrow.. Slippery..Dangerous
This is what I clicked when everyone got flashed.. :p


After that we trekked for almost 2 hours and finally reached “Kheerganga” around 07:45 PM. I wish you could imagine our feeling when we could finally see the top point while covering the last wide slippery slope. We just gave up at last but after all we reached. We recalled every single breathtaking moment and it took almost half an hour to digest everything. We were really amazed to have completed the trek and to be finally at the top. We all three just sat down on chair and watched each other faces in astonishment. :p . After that we were served maggi at the bonfire and we enjoyed music. Everyone was excited for morning, as beauty was covered by darkness and we were also tired. So, we accommodated in tent and slept for the day.

Wake Up.. Wake Up…

As I zipped down and went outside to see the nature. I was totally stunned with my half opened eyes. A large amount of area was covered by snow and it looked like Sun kissing the zigzag mountain peaks.

We got ready for another 15 min trek to a temple and hot water spring. The slope was very slippery, and we had few funny moments there.. many people slipped down there while returning back and we were just enjoying because we were going up. I am glad nobody got injured and everyone had a laugh.




Slope + Snow + Slippery

We went to the hot water spring, spent some time enjoying there and then proceeded towards “Lord Shiva” temple.

free jacuzzi

After returning back, we had our breakfast and were ready to trek down to base.

Now, this was the end of “Kheer Ganga” and it will certainly leave you with memories to cherish and a lot to ponder on. I personally suggest this medium level trek to all trek enthusiasts and also for those who want to fall in love with nature. This trek might encourage you all to hit treks again and again.

I forgot to mention about our guides, there were two and both were really good and expertise in all kind of trek tricks.

Guides.. right most and left most guy
Trek Group 😀

Finally.. we three..!!!


This blog is just a outline of this trek. Trust me.. Nature is calling you all. Go and have fun.

The End..


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