Why are we unhappy?

Why are we in a constant pain? Why we are suffering from discontent even though we have enough to lead a good life? This post is dedicated to our modern problems, to everyone who has faced anxiety, anger, discontent and a desire to just stay in the bed for days doing nothing.

Problem 1: Perfectionists


Our generation wants to perfect everything. We want to be a perfect child, a perfect employee, a perfect partner, a perfect parent, the list is endless. We want to serve our country but we also want to settle abroad. We want to travel the world but we don’t have enough leaves in our account. We want to buy a home but we don’t want to be stuck living at one place. We want to give our kids a good upbringing but we don’t have enough time. We want freedom but not at a cost of upsetting our parents. We have taken an immense pressure of keeping everyone happy, but we are not able to keep up to our standards. We have set the bar too high, and the guilt of not keeping up is eating us from inside. The truth is we are then compromising and complaining in each situation.

We work our assess off but constantly complain and speak ill of our employers. When we get to spend time with our kids, we indulge them in our phones or television. When we get time to talk with our partners, we engage in Instagram, a game of PUBG or a Netflix show. The main problem is we are aware of all these problems but why is it so hard to find a solution for it?

Problem 2: Tit for tat


There is no easy solution because these problems might seem small but these form a part of our daily life, so these keep running like a vicious never ending loop. You complained to your employer, so he gave you a generous hike and a few days off. Now he expects you to work overtime on your return. Your kid is addicted to colorful animations on your phone, so now he finds your old stories boring. You found some time to connect with your partner but now he is addicted to a new Netflix series.

The problem is everyone else is also leading a life like yours. Even though you decided to change, the other person hasn’t and then comes a spell of loneliness and depression. Well, after that we again turn to our phones for solutions. We neglect persons sitting in front of us and chat with others complaining to them how negligent our partners, kids and parents have been ?

Problem 3: The subtle art of giving a fuck about everything


If you say you don’t give a fuck about anything, I would suggest you to listen “Fuck Everything” by Jon Lajoie till the very end.

The problem is we have become sensitive towards things that don’t matter and really insensitive towards things that do. For example: We really care about the comments and reacts on our Facebook posts but we often ignore our own thoughts.

We haven’t planted a tree in years but we post memes on saving environment. A thank you note over mail matters more than someone telling you the same in-person. Sharing our problems with strangers through a metaphor of memes feel better than sharing it with a friend.

Problem 4: Myself


This one’s a little personal. I apologize for putting it in the list but in a generation of memes, where people don’t read beyond four lines who would read this whole blabber about problems? Well, that’s my first problem. I have had this dry spell of writing because of one question, “who would take the effort to read till the end?” This led to many unfinished articles but I learnt the hard way that I should keep writing and be thankful to even a single reader who took time to read my articles.

Problem 5: Is that all?


No, we have more serious problems. Population, pollution, religion, feminists, misogynists, gender , bad politics and so many more. We can only deal with them once we get a solution for our routine problems. I believe finding solution to these routine problems will in turn provide a solution to these bigger issues as well.

What’s the solution? Well, I believe this post is already long enough. We will discuss more problems in my upcoming posts but solutions are more important. My next post on a few solutions will be coming up soon.

Thank you all for reading !!.

6 thoughts on “Why are we unhappy?

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  1. I would say this is something we all are doing yet ignored the fact that it’s makes us somehow unhappy!
    Like we are unsatisfied about everything or our endless desire that’s never gonna end.
    I believe you can’t be happy unless you’re unhappy sometimes.
    For me It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it.


  2. Very nicely captured Divya… it is simple yet very difficult subject to write on.
    Simple, because we all have these issues, so you have more than enough to pick from, but difficult you had to prioritize what you pick from this endless list. Extremely important and sensitive in today’s time.

    We all need to introspect and decide our priorities, else this is going to grow day by day, no matter what we have.
    And once this is done, this will not affect us, no matter what we have and what we don’t have.

    Would like to see some post addressing some of these problem with your way of solutions.

    Keep it up!!


  3. One other thing, and I feel one of the biggest reasons we/people are unhappy, especially due to the advent and influence of internet/social media, is unnecessary comparison (which also leads to jealousy).

    Even though we have everything we need, we easily get to see what others have, better houses, better car, better holidays etc. We often forget that we all have different lives to live. There is absolutely nothing wrong in looking up to someone or getting motivated by someone, but a comparison is always going to hurt. All such comparisons make us unhappy for no real reason . If we can avoid this, life will become much better and we will become happier 🙂


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