Modern problems require old solutions

Sadly, my pen has been in a longer quarantine than me. However, as promised I am back with the solutions. In my last post, I discussed some of the reasons of why are we constantly unhappy despite we have all the necessary resources around us.

This blog focuses on a few solutions around those problems. Let us get started.

Delayed Gratification:


If anything, we should learn from this Covid-19 pandemic is “How important is it to adapt the concept of delayed gratification in our lives?” I have seen people more depressed even if most of us are getting more time with our families. Why is that?

It is because the modern technology has made us handicapped. Instant gratification is the desire to experience fulfillment without any delay. You want to eat, Swiggy will deliver to you within 30 minutes. You want groceries, clothes, toys for your kids, basically everything gets delivered to your door step. All these apps have made our life easy and really bought the world closer but in reality, with increasing dependency on these apps we are losing our patience, becoming lazy and becoming incapable of socializing in a normal way. Even now, people prefer to spend time on their phones watching Netflix or scrolling through the Facebook rather than talking to their family members. With this pandemic, we should learn how important it is to keep patience and be independent for a while. We should learn that a home cooked pizza in 3 hours has a much better taste than the one getting instantly delivered. Cooking with your partner could also lead to a better bond.

In short, we need to develop some patience. It is okay if you don’t get some things instantly, waiting for it will make you realize that these things are not as valuable as you have made them. This pandemic has taught us that only essential services are enough to keep us going through our life. I am not against technology but over-reliance on technology is not good for mental health. Remember the old times, when you could get through a 10-minute advertisement on TV or use a 2G connection to watch a movie. Now, could you watch a 10 second video on Youtube? Oh! The frustration of not getting that “Skip Ad” button.

Learn it is ok to not be perfect:


In my last article, I discussed that we have also taken an immense pressure of excelling at everything. However, it is not physically possible and it is important to lower down our expectations towards ourselves. The pressure of excellence just keeps us worried and keeps us in the thoughts of getting everything done. When you are doing something, it will always keep you engaged in the thought of the other task that is being left out and thus nothing gets completed. Focus on important things and rest will take care of itself.

Here’s a list you can try:

1. Set realistic goals: You are the best judge of your 24 hours. Just as your office calendar, make a weekly calendar to keep track of the tasks that you need to complete in the week. It will help you manage your days more effectively and do not be too hard on yourself if one or two things remains undone. It takes time to change the routine.


2. Learn to say no: You have a house chore to complete or you want to complete a science project with your kid but your office deadlines never get you anything done on the home front. Then, start saying no. Your personal life is equally important than your professional life and remember you are given extra tasks because you never say no. You said no but still your workplace is giving you a hard time, then there are always other workplaces that value employees who respect their personal lives. This doesn’t apply only on the professional front. If a friend calls while you are attending to something important, you could always decline their call and get back to them later. A good friend always understands, if they don’t then is it even worth it to have them in your lives?


3. Maintain balance: Balance is the key. It is important to maintain balance between you, your relationships, other living beings and the nature. Eat a balanced diet, exercise at least 3 times a week, learn something new, spend time with your family and look for the ways how to give back to the nature. Giving back is equally important than it is to take things from natural and human resources to build things for yourself. Take some part of your income and put it to the good use of society, give love back to those who love you, keep your surroundings clean and participate in the nature restoration activities.


4. Ignore negativity: It is important that you don’t waste energy on negative people. While, it is important to take care of your friends and relatives when they are feeling low, but we always come across such people who no matter what are always attracted to negative experiences. Remember, you can only help the ones who want to help themselves. Staying with positive people, gives you hope and constructive energy while negative people constantly nag about their bad experiences and brings your energy to their level.


5. Delete unnecessary apps: I am sure we could all find such applications on our phones that are not really important but still consume most of our time. It is time to uninstall them. It would be hard but I think we can all identify one or two such apps which take most of our time and have been keeping us from gaining experiences of real happiness.


There are definitely many other solutions but I am afraid that would render the article too long. I tried to cover most important ones here, however if you feel I have left something important, please leave comments below. I always enjoy reading comments from my readers.

See you soon with a new thought. Take care. Stay safe and keep washing your hands.

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