Happy Ending?

They say, now is the right age.
Time to take your life to the next stage.
Friends keep saying, they are waiting for my big event.
Time to look for a guy who is well to do and decent.

They suggest you to sign up on a Matrimony site.
Time to put on some pictures where you look slim and bright.
Then it’s the matter of many left and a few right swipes.
Time to play if he is the right type?

Humans reduced to items, for ease just picture Amazon.
Time to see if Sheila is the perfect match for John.
Your DOB, time and place would never have been that important.
Time to judge if the guy is okay and acceptable to your parents.

You are screwed if you never make a first good impression.
Because honey you will be judged harshly over first conversation.
Be thankful to those who decide to come back to give you a second chance.
But, you will think what’s wrong with them that they gave you a second glance.

You would have been proud of your career and hobbies until now.
Then he says, hobbies are okay but a career that’s something we won’t allow.
I was mad at myself to have demands like be sensitive, funny and intelligent.
Come on, demands from a stranger? He is not the Google assistant.

This is the only topic my best-friend now talks about.
Have you found your Mr Right? If not then keep looking out.
I asked her I don’t know how to make out if someone is interested or not.
She says, yeah it’s a gamble but you have to give it a shot.

I have dreamt of being a writer, an engineer but never a wife.
But now it looks like it’s the whole purpose behind my life.
All my friends, relatives keep asking me the same question.
They never made the effort to know me but are quick with groom suggestions.

I am not scared of living alone but living with a wrong person.
I am not that concerned for me but for somebody else’s son.
Because I am not afraid to walk out if it didn’t work.
I am sorry if suddenly I sound like a big jerk.

The thing is I don’t know if I really want a husband.
I just know I am capable of loving someone until the end.
And I am capable of smiling when the situations get rough.
And I ask just to respect my individuality, yeah for me it’s good enough.

I know now that it is too much to ask for unconditional love.
We could be a happy pair of crows but nothing overcomes the obsession for doves.
Well, will you rely on Amazon if it is your life that is at stake?
Take it from me, matrimony sites are nothing less than a headache.

7 thoughts on “Happy Ending?

Add yours

  1. It’s really beautiful…
    More like a life overview ☺️
    Full of ups and downs..
    Try to write more often
    You’re really good at it..
    Right now,I’ve a question to ask
    Can an ending be good ?
    If I more precisely say it out loud,can an ending be considered as happy?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Aditya for reading. Insightful readers like you ask b’ful questions.
      Happy ending is a sattire. People call marriage a happy ending as if something awful will begin from here. Endings can be happy like finishing this poem was a happy ending but life goes on and it is important that happiness continues in your life. And if the partner is right, it is a happy beginning and not the end :).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Exactly!!
        There are so many different myths regarding marriage.
        you already mentioned it,as if something awful gonna happen..well that needs to be change..it’s a beautiful union where two people come to share a life together.
        I believe there’s nothing more beautiful or soothing than this..!!
        I know it’s a satire yet ending seems painful to me..!!

        Liked by 1 person

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