Leap of Faith – Part 1

People meet in weird ways. Sometimes, some very odd circumstances lead us to meeting people we would not generally entertain, let alone let them hold a special place in our lives. Vinay and Trisha met in a similar way.

Vinay and Trisha were part of a Facebook page “Vacant Hours” which generally posted funny memes. One day, one meme questioning the existence of God was circulated which didn’t go really well with Trisha.

Trisha got furious seeing the post and commented “I pray to God for forgiving the people laughing on this post. May God give you some sense.”

Vinay reacted with a haha on her comment and replied “Looks like faith of another fake theist was challenged”.

Soon, it turned to a heated argument, with both of them trying to educate each other on the subject of God. Vinay an agnostic person, wanted to believe that the God exists but not without concrete proof but Trisha was a hard-core believer. Trisha stopped replying after a point, telling herself that these people would never understand. The truth is she no longer had the replies for the logical arguments presented by Vinay but Vinay was not ready to let this argument end so soon. So, he took the argument to Facebook Messenger.

Vinay: “Why do all theists have to be so protective of their God? If he created all and is the almighty, why does he need protection from you?”

Trisha(furious): “It is not about protecting God. Faith is the only reason for some people to live. People like you questioning God’s existence, have impact on young generation’s mind and that’s why youth these days is left without any faith which makes life even harder to live.”

Vinay(smiling): “But, will your God protect them if they keep faith?”

Trisha (getting impatient): “I think I am not obliged to answer every question of yours. Try asking God directly. He might have answers.”

Vinay: “Haha..Looks like you and your God lost.”

Trisha replied,” Whatever.”

The conversation ended and Trisha went to her kitchen to start the preparation for dinner. Vinay, as usual will eat the leftovers from the lunch, so he started going through Trisha’s profile. Trisha was a cute girl in her late 20’s with short hair, a smile which comes with a dimple on her left cheek. Vinay found her face very calm and pleasant to look at.

So, he texted her again, “Are you this uptight in all matters or do you also like to chill sometimes?”

Trisha saw the message 2 hours later. She would usually not entertain guys like him but she really wanted to crush his ego.

So, she replied, “Why do you think you are so cool?” Just because you are a non-believing asshole.”

Vinay: “LOL. I won that conversation already. Move on. What are you doing anyway?”.

Trisha: “Why are you interested to know? I don’t entertain people like you anyway. Get lost.”

Vinay: “Why don’t you recite your Hanuman Chalisa and get rid of me already?”

Trisha didn’t reply.

Vinay: “Looks like you are reciting it already but your God can’t stop me. Facebook can but your God can’t.”

Trisha (frustrated): “Blocking you”

Vinay: Go ahead. It just proves my point.

Trisha went ahead to block his profile but stopped for a moment to skim through it. Vinay was a tall guy, probably in early 30’s, wore glasses and had a lot of pictures from all around the world. Trisha thought, “Oh, another privileged, rich asshole. No doubt he questions God.” Then, she found he had his own Facebook page, where he posted short poems and quotes. The latest one posted just a few mins ago, said:

“To believers, I don’t question your faith. I wish you find your God.

 I just wonder why is it easier to have faith in him, than having faith in each other.”

One by one she starting reading those posts and suddenly her anger melted away with a smile. She texted him back:

Trisha: “Not letting you win this time”.

Vinay: “What are you doing?”

Trisha: “Planning to watch a movie.”

Vinay: “Which one?”

Trisha: “Joker”.

Vinay: “Ugh..another DC fan”

Trisha: “Anything wrong with it? Are you not into DC or not into superheroes generally?”

Vinay: “You DC fans, take stuff too seriously. I love Marvel.”

Trisha: “Those kids movies. What are you, 12?”

Vinay: “Have you watched any?”

Trisha: “Not really. Never liked the trailers.”

Vinay: “Why don’t you try watching them once. No harm in trying.”

Trisha: “Would you watch DC?”

Vinay: “I can but not alone.”

Trisha: “What do you mean?”

Vinay: “Let us watch together. One DC movie followed by one of the Marvel’s. What say?”

Trisha (not sure in mind):” Okay. I can try.”

This way, they started watching movies together but it didn’t end at superhero movies. To her surprise, Trisha liked the humor element in the Marvel movies and Vinay started liking the Batman. They would discuss favorite part of the movies, share laughs together. Trisha suggested positive and happy stories like, “A beautiful day in the neighborhood”, “City Island” and “Children of Heaven” while Vinay suggested some sad but mind-boggling movies like, “We need to talk about Kevin”, “Requiem for a Dream” and “The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas”. Both paused the movies at intervals where something significant had happened and shared opinions on that. They would also discuss alternate endings. Trisha was a regular follower of his Facebook page now and liked his quotes. Vinay loved Trisha’s outlook on life. The conversations kept becoming deeper and they realized that they were both really different. However, they had learnt to respect their opinions on life as they could now see the things from two perspectives and realized both perspectives could exist at the same time. It was indeed a beautiful feeling. After a few months, it became impossible for them to even watch movies alone. They would wait for each other to be available, so they could watch a movie together.

Another weekend was approaching and it was now Trisha’s turn to suggest a movie. She realized they both weren’t very fond of romantic movies, but this time she really wanted to watch a romantic movie with him. She was a little nervous with this but thought she can always say, “I am just kidding”, if things didn’t turn the right way. So, she texted him.

Trisha: “Haven’t watched a romantic movie since long. Are you open for some cringe this weekend?”

Vinay: “LOL. Ahan ..romantic. I haven’t watched many good ones but I really want to watch one with you”.

Trisha: “What about, “He is just not that into you?”

Vinay: “Oh, is he not? I think he is :D”

Trisha didn’t know what to make out of it. So, she just replied casually.

Trisha: “Got to go. Let us watch this tomorrow.”


Author’s note: The story will follow up with 2 more parts. Please share your thoughts on what you think will happen next in the story. I have also taken the liberty to suggest some good movies via the blog. If you happen to watch them or have already watched them, let me know what did you think of them? Will post the part-2 soon.

8 thoughts on “Leap of Faith – Part 1

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  1. Was expecting more of internal conversation which would bring smiles. Some pictures would have been great.

    Since the fights are getting lesser, I guess they would be willing enough to give a ‘try’ for their feelings. Ending should bring smile for the author and us.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It seems to be a beautiful story..☺️
    Two people with a total different outlook towards life can bring something afresh..!!
    I always loved the way you narrate things, as you make it real,which makes it easier to connect with…that’s your speciality 🙂

    Probably in part 2, they’ll discuss more about life…and hope for something nice to happen..
    Anxiously awaiting 😬

    Liked by 1 person

  3. People with different beliefs met and life became so interesting. They have realised that two opinions can be true and respected at the same time.In the next part, I am hoping that both will give it a shot to get along with each other for life but destiny might add a different flavour to their story.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Abstract of this part is that , Vinay is a intelligent flirt and Trisha went cahoot in that.
    Usually this kind of story befall with intimacy and affliction. Don’t think i am stereotyping your writing, may be my imagination is stereotype. Let’s see what happens in next part, but until now it very engrossing.

    Also thanks for alluding good movies through the story, “Requiem for a Dream” and Joker are one my favorite.


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