Leap of Faith – Part 2

I would request all my readers to read part-1 first if they haven’t read it before. You can find it at: https://holidayhealings.com/2020/08/02/leap-of-faith-part-1/

Let us begin part-2

The Friday night had finally arrived. Trisha was ready with her popcorn tub. She texted Vinay.

Trisha: “It’s 9 PM. Movie time! Are you ready?”

She didn’t get any reply. She was really excited to finally watch a romantic movie with Vinay but she didn’t get any response from him. So her mind got her thinking about all the conversations they have had in the past few months.

She had learnt that Vinay had never been in a serious relationship before. He dates girls here and there but never felt a connection with someone. He is working on expanding his dad’s business, so he travels around the world a lot to meet new prospective clients. He seems really friendly and an outgoing person but a bit conservative when it comes to family affairs. He loves to keep pets and doesn’t believe in everlasting love, at least not with humans. His philosophy says that love is like a breeze in Summer, enjoy it while it lasts. He thinks all relationships get monotonous after sometime, so he has been avoiding them all along.

Trisha on the other hand, had been in two serious relationships but gotten her heart broken each time. She used to work in digital media marketing but has taken some time off after her recent break up to relax a bit and plan the future steps. Trisha is really close with her family, has strong values and is an emotionally strong person. Unlike Vinay she believes in everlasting love. In fact, she likes the later part of the relationship more where they are comfortable with each other, know each other inside out and could just be themselves. She thinks the initial excitement is good but there is also a constant fear that a little action of yours might scare the other person away. She believes that relationship do demand a lot of work but they are worth it with the right person. Her philosophy says that Love is like a hot sun along with a cool breeze in summer, like hurricanes along with a beautiful drizzle in monsoon, like naked trees along with beautiful red Maple tree leaves in Autumn and like harsh cold winds along with a cozy fireplace in Winter.

It was 9:30 PM, but there was no reply from Vinay. She had already finished her popcorn and was a bit annoyed. Suddenly, her phone beeped. It was a text from Vinay:

Vinay: “Sorry, got late. Was on a video call with Mom. Hadn’t talked to her in 2 days.”

Trisha: “That’s alright.”

Vinay: “Let us watch the movie now.”

Trisha: “Not really in the mood now. Let us watch it may be tomorrow or so.”

Vinay: “I am sorry for spoiling your mood. How can I make it up to you?”

Trisha: “No need. I already finished my popcorn waiting for you.”

Vinay: “Same old popcorn excuse. Meh! It is a romantic movie. Let us try something else.”

Trisha: “Like what?”

Vinay: “Promise me, you won’t hate or judge me for it.”

Trisha: “Can’t really promise but I will try.”

Vinay: “Ok, put on a lovely dress, apply a lipstick of your choice (I would say red), pour a glass of wine (any drink would do if you don’t have it) and let us watch the movie.”

Trisha: “LOL. Ok, I am judging you a little bit. The movie is not really that special to even make this effort.”

Vinay: “Now, who is the mood killer? And that’s why I am asking you if the movie is not really that special, then you could send me your picture in that dress.”

Trisha: “Hmmm. Would you wear a Tux then? :p”

Vinay: “Didn’t see that coming. Hmmm…. Okay I will put on a formal shirt and send you a pic of the upper half :D.”

Trisha: “LOL. I don’t know why I am saying this but I guess I am in.”

Vinay: “So, ma’am it is 9:40 PM. You have 20 mins to get ready. Movie starts at 10:00 PM sharp. Your time starts now.”

Trisha: “That’s not enough to even decide the dress.”

Vinay: “Relax. We are not dating. :p”

Trisha: “LOL. Okay will try and choose the ugliest possible dress.”

Vinay: “I don’t think you have an ugly dress but surprise me.”

Trisha: “Alright. See you at 10.”

Trisha went to her closet and picked up a beautiful mustard colored long dress with thin straps. She put on red lipstick, picked up the wine glass, and texted Vinay at 10:02 PM.

Trisha: “Okay, I am ready.”

Vinay: “2 mins late.”

Trisha: “You don’t have a right to complain today.”

Vinay: “Okay, let me at least see the ugly dress you picked.”

Trisha: “The deal was to send the picture only if the movie wasn’t that good.”

Vinay: “Oh! Come on. It is already tough to watch the movie alone. You are making it more difficult.”

Trisha (wanting to send a picture but resisting): “A deal is a deal.”

Vinay: “Okay, describe it to me.”

Trisha: “Hmmm. Only, so that the movie isn’t delayed further. I am wearing a mustard color long dress with red lipstick (taken your suggestion, stupid me). And I had no wine or any alcohol, so filled the wine glass with water and pretending to have white wine.”

Vinay: “LOL. How are you living then? Anyway, I bet you look beautiful.”

Trisha: “Thanks. Alcohol is not air. So, I am living fine :p. Thanks for the concern though.”

Vinay: “Haha. Don’t you want to know what I am wearing.”

Trisha: “Let me guess, a white colored shirt.”

Vinay: “LOL. So predictable. Huh”

Trisha: “Are we watching the movie or not?”

Vinay: “Sure ma’am. Hitting play.”

Trisha: “Done”.

The movie ended post mid-night.

Trisha:” So, did you like the movie?”

Vinay:” I want to say no but I liked it. Although, why did Beth and Neil had to marry? I would have loved it if they would have stayed together without marriage.”

Trisha:” Beth always wanted marriage. Neil realized there’s nothing wrong in giving her that security if she really needs it, so they could be together with no doubts in future.”

Vinay: “I get your point but she understood that marriage is not really important if the person loves you. Anyway, any point of asking for your picture now?”

Trisha: “Commitment phobia speaking. And no pictures :D.”

Vinay: “God! You are tough.”

Trisha: “Gotta go. Good night. Sleep tight.”

Vinay: “Good Night”

After 5 mins, Vinay’s phone beeped and it had the picture of Trisha sitting in that beautiful yellow dress holding a wine glass filled with water. Vinay thought that she managed to look prettier than his imagination. Vinay texted her.

Vinay:” You made my night and you look gorgeous.”

Trisha:” Thank you. Go and sleep now. It is late”

Vinay:” Can’t really sleep now but you go on. Sleep tight :*

Trisha(smiling): “Good Night :*”

Vinay(smiling): “Good Night :*”

They kept texting, watching movies and causally flirting with each other. Vinay couldn’t keep her out of his mind. That has never really happened to him before. He had thought of other girls in past as well but she kept him distracted everywhere. Trisha was also attracted to him but was scared of saying anything due to Vinay’s commitment issues in the past. Both still couldn’t resist talking and slowly their conversations would go for hours on the phone. They were also doing frequent video calls whenever Vinay was on a business trip. He would call her to show her different places he visited. Trisha really enjoyed those calls.

This went on for another 2 months. Then one day Vinay texted.

Vinay:” When are you planning to join work?”

Trisha:” I have taken some free-lancing work for now but I have taken an off for the whole year to do some community work and learn Sitar.”

Vinay:” Wow. So, that means you would be available for an international trip with me.”

Trisha:” Are you asking me out or what?”

Vinay:” Okay, here’s the deal: I will be traveling around Europe for the next 3 months. My return is planned in October end but I am planning to go to Norway to see the Northern lights before I return and I want you to accompany me.”

Trisha:” Wow. I don’t know what to say. Thanks for thinking of me but I am not really sure.”

Vinay:” You don’t need to decide right away. There are still 3 months. Think it through. Apply for a VISA and if you feel comfortable then come. No pressure.”

Trisha:” This is a lot for me to contemplate right now. I will think and let you know.”

Vinay:” I have already booked a ticket for you. Emailing you right now. Please try to come.”

Trisha:” Well! This is a lot of pressure now.”

Vinay:” I know. I am sorry. I really want you to come but I will respect your decision.”

Trisha:” Okay, I will think about it.”


Author’s note: Do you think Trisha will go to Norway? Will Vinay be able to overcome his commitment issues? Will Trisha be able to overcome her fears about Vinay? Please let me know in the comment section. Third and final part of this story will be published soon.

Thank you to all my readers for commenting in the last part. Looking forward to hear from you.

7 thoughts on “Leap of Faith – Part 2

Add yours

  1. Beautiful as always! ☺️
    I must say you know how to keep a reader busy,you’re really good at it!!
    As of now,they both seem happy together.
    I really like their ongoing conversations.
    One can feel there something real happening in these two..!

    It’s hard to predict things but
    Yet I hope she’ll go with him to Norway.
    As Vinay will overcome his fears sooner or later… although few things are meant to felt yet it’s time to confess them all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think Vinay(would ‘ve liked more if you thougt his name as Vijay) is a good chap, so Trisha should have nothing to fear about. Also Trisha has a feeling for him which doesn’t come without trust, so she should give it a shot. Moreover who doesn’t want to see northern lights and a free Europe trip.

      Vinay has commitment issues?? I don’t think so, contrary to that he might not ve met the right girl with whom he can really sync with.

      Bdw you r the author so you can twist it as you please.


  2. Trisha being an Indian, would not give in so easily. She would try a smaller trip before as 3 months is way too long. I think at the end the relationship won’t go anywhere.

    Liked by 1 person

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