Leap of Faith – Part 3

If you haven’t read part-2, please check it out at: https://holidayhealings.com/2020/08/08/leap-of-faith-part-2/

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Trisha was freaking out about her travel plans to Norway. 2 months had already passed. She had already got her visitor’s visa but still wasn’t sure if she should be undertaking this travel. She had never even traveled with a stranger in the same city let alone a foreign country, that too with a man she had never met in person. It was the night of Aug 20, 2019 and her flight was scheduled exactly 30 days from now. She hadn’t heard from Vinay the whole day and was getting more paranoid about this trip with each passing minute. She had been staring at her phone the whole day awaiting a text from him. She had been overthinking about Vinay and analyzing each and every conversation she had with him. By nightfall, her brain was over-worked and she had a bad headache. So, she lied down to rest for a while and promptly fell asleep.

30 days went by, she took her flight from Delhi IGI Airport and landed at Oslo. She was waiting for Vinay to meet her at the airport but he didn’t show up. She tried reaching him at his cell phone but he didn’t pick up. She had no idea about the country and was freaking out. Then suddenly, her phone started ringing which woke her up with a jolt. She let the phone ring. It was a relief to know that it was just a dream and that Vinay had been calling her.

Trisha washed her face and texted Vinay.

Trisha: “I can’t accept the tickets.”

Vinay: “What now? We have gone over this conversation a thousand times. If you don’t want to come, just say it.”

Trisha: “It’s not like that. I can’t accept this. Let me at least make the bookings for our stays.”

Vinay: “Already done. See, I don’t want you to worry about a thing. Just come here, be your beautiful self and enjoy.”

Trisha: “Please don’t consider me as one of the girls you have dated in the past. I don’t want to owe anyone anything. Just send me the expenses. I will transfer you 50% of the amount.”

Vinay: “It’s okay if you want to judge me. It doesn’t give you a right to judge the girls I have dated. But, whatever! I just wanted it to be a good experience for the both of us. You have been so good to me, talked to me when I needed it the most and I never felt the need to lie to you. It is really easy to talk to you and the business has been flourishing ever since I started talking to you. You just bring a positive energy in me. So, I just wanted to do something nice for you. It was just my way of saying thank you for being there. But you want to make it about money, then so be it. I will send you the expenses.”

Trisha: “I am sorry but you could just say thank you. I can’t accept such a big gift from a stranger.”

Vinay: “It’s sad that you still think of me as a stranger. Anyway, whatever makes you feel comfortable.”

Trisha: “Thank you”.

30 days passed. With each passing day Trisha got more excited and even more anxious. She was happy and scared at the same time. Finally, the D-day had arrived. Trisha thought it was the time to take a leap of faith, leave all her worries and just get on the flight. It was ~15 hrs flight and Trisha’s kept flustering till she finally reached Oslo around noon.

Vinay was there waiting for her at the airport. He had rented a car for them to travel around Norway and was excited to finally meet Trisha. As she emerged out of the airport, they both had big grins on their faces finally seeing each other. As she reached him, she extended her arm to shake hands while Vinay extended both his arms to embrace her. It went awkwardly. So, Vinay took a step back and extended his hand to say hello while Trisha opened up her arms to hug him. They both laughed. He said, let us shake hands first and hug later. So, they shook hands and then hugged each other. Vinay helped Trisha load her luggage into the car and the ride to Norway began.

They first went to Lillehammer. It was about a 3-hour drive from the airport. Vinay had booked a small cottage there in the woods. Trisha was looking outside the car and was mesmerized by all the picturesque scenery. She thought it was going to be a great journey. She readily passed out for 15 mins due to jet lag in between and started apologising to Vinay.

Trisha: “I am sorry.”

Vinay: “It’s alright. I understand it was a long flight for you. You can rest if you want but we are almost there.”

Trisha: “I will rest once I get there. Don’t want to miss these beautiful views.”

Vinay smiled at her and kept on driving. Vinay told her about his work in Europe and Trisha told him about the community work she had always wanted to do but never got the time to do with a full-time job. She told him; it was a tough decision for her but she was glad she did it. They kept on having small conversations, stopped at a place in between to click pictures and finally arrived at their cottage in Lillehammer.

Lillehammer, Norway

It was beautiful. Vinay had already packed the necessary groceries and planned to cook. There were two rooms in the cottage. Trisha was glad that he had been thoughtful. He asked her to get some rest and let him know if she needed anything. She kept her luggage in her room, freshened up and went to sleep. Vinay made some tea for himself and then stood at the door of Trisha’s room and watched her sleep. At night, Vinay cooked dinner. They opened a bottle of red wine and shared some amazing conversations. Vinay wanted to hold her in his arms and kiss her but resisted and just watched Trisha talk.

Trisha: “So, what’s planned for tomorrow?”

Vinay: “There are some beautiful hiking trails nearby. We will go for a hike, have lunch and then head towards Dombås.”

Trisha: “You know, I have always been the trip planner for my trips but it feels nice to have someone else take charge for a change.”

Vinay: “I hope I will not disappoint you.”.

Trisha: “You haven’t until now.”

Vinay: “Let us get some sleep. We have to wake up early tomorrow.”

Trisha: “Sure. Good Night.”

Vinay leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. She just smiled and said let us go sleep. Vinay kept tossing in bed that night thinking he had been stupid to even have made the move. Trisha thought why can’t she just let go of the fear that things will not work out and just go with the flow. Trisha woke up early in the morning, made some tea and woke up Vinay.

Trisha: “Wakey-wakey mister”.

Vinay: “Oh! You are up.”

Trisha: “Here’s your tea. Let us get ready.”

They had breakfast and then went hiking. The trails were beautiful and they clicked pictures in between. Trisha realised there was some tension between them and Vinay was being a bit distant. So, she slowly slid her fingers into his, held his hand and placed her head on his shoulders. Vinay smiled.

Hiking went great but they were tired by the time they came back. They just rested for a while. They decided to have lunch on their way to Dombås and went back on the roads.

Dombås, Norway

Views in Dombås were breath-taking and they were both enjoying the beautiful views and better than that each other’s company.

The trip took them to Trodenheim, Atlantic Road, Valldal, Bykrjelo, and then to Styggevatnet. There have been great conversations, amazing pictures but a little awkwardness when it came to physical chemistry. Vinay had never been so shy around other girls but he felt nervous even holding Trisha’s hand. He didn’t want anything to go wrong while Trisha was still overcoming her fear of trusting a stranger who had a rough past with girls.

Atlantic Road, Norway

The temperature in Styggevatnet was really low. The glacier was beautiful but it required for them to walk in knee-deep snow. There socks were wet and they were both freezing. After 2 hours they were finally back in the car. Vinay was accustomed to the cold but Trisha had already been having a bit of a hard time adjusting to the temperature. Her feet were completely numb once they reached back to their car. Vinay held her and rubbed her hands, then removed her wet socks and rubbed her feet. Trisha felt better.

Styggevatnet, Norway

Trisha: “I am better now. Thanks. I am sorry, I didn’t even ask you how you were doing? Are you okay?”

Vinay: “I can’t feel my feet.”

Trisha: “I am sorry. Here, let me rub them.”

Vinay (smiling): “I am alright. However, give me a massage once we reach the hotel.”

Trisha (hitting him lightly): “You asshole”.

Vinay: “Ungrateful people.”

They reached back to the hotel. It was cozy. Vinay had booked two separate rooms but Trisha asked him if she could share the room with him. Vinay smiled.

Vinay: “Sure.”

Trisha: “Don’t get your hopes up”.

Vinay (smiling): “Haha. I have kept them low since our night at Lillehammer but I won’t lie that I have been waiting to kiss those beautiful lips for so long.”

Trisha just smiled. Trisha cursed herself for being so uptight and not letting go but somewhere she also thought, what’s next? What happens when the trip ends? So, she decided it’s better not to say anything and let things be as they currently are. That day, they shared the same bed but tucked in separate blankets. Trisha woke up in the middle of the night and kissed Vinay’s forehead and went to sleep again. Vinay acted as if he was asleep but smiled.

They travelled to a few more places in Norway and then finally head back to Oslo where they left the rental car and took a flight to Tromsø where they would see the northern lights. Trisha loved Tromsø’s centuries old wooden houses. The city was really vibrant and had a cozy feel to it.

Finally, they went on a drive searching for the Aurora Borealis and what a show that was. Trisha didn’t know if it was the dancing lights or her new fear that this trip is finally going to end. She looked at Vinay and he was gazing at the lights in awe. In that moment, she finally decided to let go of all her inhibitions and took another leap of faith. To Vinay’s surprise, she held his head in her hands, leaned in and kissed him under the Northern lights. Vinay held her in his arms and they kissed again.


Author’s note: This was the final part of Leap of Faith story. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Readers also create their own endings as they go through the story. Please share the alternative endings for this story. Looking forward to hear from you. We will come with a new story soon. Thank you all for reading.

6 thoughts on “Leap of Faith – Part 3

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  1. Part 3 is more like Norway tour guide and ended up same as i guessed in Part 1.
    By the way a beautiful love story of a super rich guy with great senseof humor(which is urs precisely), there were no miseries.
    Next time you write about the lovestory of a poor and honest guy romancing un the hills of UK(uttrakhand).


    Liked by 1 person

  2. After reading part 2 was convinced that a the trip would not be that smoothly executed based on my past experiences. But reading the smooth positive ending surely bring back the smile.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow!!
    I read it with a smile ☺️
    As always it’s beautiful and to the point.
    Such things do happen in real world..I believe we see things the way we are.
    Meanwhile I do like your positive attitude towards life..!!
    Try to be the same throughout the journey.

    In part 3, I miss the conversation they both usually have.
    That makes it real
    Other than that I just loved it

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes part-3 got a little carried away with the Norway trip and didn’t want the blog to be too long, so kept the conversations short. Will keep in mind for the next story.
      Thanks you so much for reading and taking time for feedback. It is always good to hear from readers like you. 🙂


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