Time reminds her of many lovers she had.
But her love was never fulfilled.
The story might have begun a little bit sad.
But it has a lot of insight and oh! So many thrills.

Don’t ask her about the list of her lovers.
Yes, my dear it is too long.
They all claim to have really loved her.
As she seemed easy but she knows, she could come out a bit too strong.

It was her weakness to hear troubled minds.
But they thought she loved them exclusively.
They thought they are special but she was just being kind.
She never said she loved them, actually.

The ones she did love, she loved unconditionally.
I have seen her gently washing down her lover’s feet to calm his strained mind.
And another day, leaping towards the moon fiercely.
To bring him some moon light, oh! Even love turned her blind.

Even the ones she did love couldn’t stay with her.
When that happened, her heart created a big storm as she danced in pain.
Even the big ships drowned, when she cried in anger.
I remembered that night of destruction and the heavy rain.

Each time a lover left, she thought he has taken everything and left her deserted.
But it took some time for her to realize that was not true at all.
And looking at all the destruction she caused, she thought was it even worth it?
For her heart was huge and all these lovers suddenly seem so small.

She looked at herself one day, washing the feet of another tired soul.
And she thought to herself, I wonder what he is here for?
For now, she has accepted that no one wants her whole.
They all come and just take away something they found at her shore.

Still she has been asking all the wrong questions.
So, the lovers keep coming and loving her in bits and pieces.
But she wasn’t just a woman but a whole ocean.
Her lovers scared, never dived down but just stayed at the beaches.

One full moon night, she finally dared to leap so high that one drop actually touched the moon.
She asked the moon, why she has been left all alone?
The moon laughed and said well you are gentle but you also bring along typhoons.
And you love the wrong persons who are just there for a few sea shells and some old stones.

She asked the moon, then would I never find anyone?
I don’t blame these men, I am fierce and not all of them know how to swim?
Moon said but even the ones who do leave after having some fun.
And don’t you ever get tired of playing the victim.

Moon said, have patience as for you I am afraid the true lovers are very few.
Love a man who is like a flowing river or a bigger ocean to fit you within him.
Love a man who is as fierce as you and is not afraid to merge into you.
Love a man who isn’t afraid to drown in the ocean of love whether or not he knows to swim.

Author’s note: “Idah (African) is someone who is unique, courageous, strong, special and she’s one in a million”. This poem is dedicated to all the strong women I have known in my life.

Please share with the women who you feel are special and have touched your life in someway. Please leave comments to let me know if you liked it

9 thoughts on “Idah

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  1. Oh, I loved an ocean once!
    As Fearsome as Fire,
    As Majestic as the Alps,
    Her tenacity knew no bounds,
    as she roared with uncontrollable sound.
    Unfathomably, when she soared so high,
    She shook my core like a feeble fly.
    Unconditionally in love,
    I opened my arms,
    embraced my destiny,
    accepted my fate.
    As she closed in, I trembled with awe,
    As I watched her engulfing me raw.
    What I didnt know,
    Past that tide, was a calm side, Like a baby in her bosom,
    She kept me safe inside.
    As i lay there,
    I basked in her limelight,
    She gave me courage,
    She gave me hope,
    To ride her next tide,
    With safety and sublime.
    On her glory, I soared new height,
    Overlooking the horizon,
    With a new approach in life.
    That day, I was filled with joy and pride.
    Not knowing where she would take me next,
    Just assured, it is with her I want to move the rest.

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  2. It’s not about being right
    And not always being too bright.
    Not about always standing in light
    But the darkness with which you fight.
    It’s not related to any pain
    As it’s sometimes sunshine, sometimes rain.
    Not always a smile on your main,
    Not about judging in disdain.
    Not about the wanderers, drunks and toast.
    Not about Shakespeare and Robert Frost,
    Not about the things that you lost,
    Never about the things that cost.
    Not about things that get under your skin,
    A little about the wars you win
    Against every committed sin
    Not about blood and kin.
    It’s about the midnight bliss
    Or under the mistletoe kiss
    It takes a while to understand this
    With experience and memories you miss.
    Won’t tell what it’s about, that be a lie
    But it’s about finding things and saying goodbyes
    It’s about thriving before you die,
    About how you were given this, and why.

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