The Magic Ladder

Have you heard of this amazing, magic ladder?
It promises you warmth, security and happiness for life.
The trick is as you climb up, the lower step turns into a dagger.
So, to come down you actually need to step on a knife.

With each climbing step, you would feel ecstatic.
You will feel out of the world and oh! so special.
However, be careful, for each step down would be equally traumatic.
And will make you think, was this really essential?

You stop for a moment, just to rest for a while on one of the steps.
I hope you realize soon, the longer you stand, the sooner the step vanishes.
Oh! Please there’s no use asking for any help.
The only question worth asking though is by doing this, what the magician accomplishes?

The magician’s trick is nothing but to establish trust.
So, that as soon as it gets difficult, you can just let go and jump.
Whether the step is sharp, your legs shaking or the ladder turning to rust.
He will catch you in time safely or sometimes may be with a little bump.

Then you can start your journey again towards the stars.
Leaping down again in faith when the nights get really dark.
What if you had the magician waiting too long while you keep getting afar?
Well, he might start looking for another trick or leave for a stroll in the park.

Then Ah! some jumped down and they crashed real bad.
Some looked down waiting but fell once the steps vanished away.
Some started their journey bleeding their way down with faces that looked really sad.
Is there anything they could have done to save themselves from this day?

We can neither blame the magician nor the one struck by his charm.
They both started with good intentions after all.
And who knew a little magic is capable of such great harm.
No one really knows unless someone takes the fall.

Well! there’s something you can try.
It’s not full proof but might keep you safe.
Just keep looking down while you rise towards the sky.
And leap down more frequently to cherish what you have.

Unfortunately, the magical ladder could still break.
Or the magician could still disappear.
Well! just be brave and do not shake.
Just shout out loud, hoping someone hears.

Even if no one hears, there’s a way you are not going to fall down.
And trust me it would seem tough but in situations like this, it is the best decision.
Could seem impossible but then it is like the fact that night is always followed by the dawn.
The solution is, if need be you can yourself be the ladder or the magician šŸ˜‰

3 thoughts on “The Magic Ladder

Add yours

  1. Heyyy it’s amazing.
    Totally relatable!!
    It’s something like I’m having a conversation with myself..šŸ˜¬

    In life, sometimes,you just let everything go and jump.
    That’s how one suppose to grap or even achieve the desired potential.
    But mostly,we miss the opportunity just by analysing irrelevant things!

    Liked by 1 person

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