Reasons I quit Indian matrimony

Thousands of men and women in India still rely on match making sites to find a life partner in India. A survey done in 2017 shows that there were a total of 1431 thousand unique visitors visiting the top two matrimony sites in India each month. With a rise in matrimony sites, this number is... Continue Reading →

Modern problems require old solutions

Sadly, my pen has been in a longer quarantine than me. However, as promised I am back with the solutions. In my last post, I discussed some of the reasons of why are we constantly unhappy despite we have all the necessary resources around us. This blog focuses on a few solutions around those problems.... Continue Reading →

Levels- Hauz Khas Village

Levels is situated in Hauz Khas Village, Delhi and has two levels of sitting area. Rooftop sitting has a great view of Hauz Khas Village. Source: Google The indoor sitting is very well organized. They have a DJ and it starts playing around 1:00 PM, so it’s a go-go place for the people who like... Continue Reading →

International Women’s Day

International Women's day - A very popular day which is celebrated in almost every office,every institute where people talk about women getting the empowerment. It's good to celebrate such days but I think we should celebrate men's day with equal enthusiasm. We have always talked about women getting equal rights, women having the same position... Continue Reading →

Get drenched in the rains of Maharashtra..

Looking for an elude from summer's blistering heat. Let me take you to a place where the weather is pleasant and which is far away from the maddening crowd. This place is known as Maharashtra. The Western Ghats better known as Sahyadri, are a hilly range running parallel to the coast, at an average elevation of... Continue Reading →

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