Leap of Faith – Part 3

If you haven’t read part-2, please check it out at: https://holidayhealings.com/2020/08/08/leap-of-faith-part-2/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- Trisha was freaking out about her travel plans to Norway. 2 months had already passed. She had already got her visitor’s visa but still wasn’t sure if she should be undertaking this travel. She had never even traveled with a stranger in... Continue Reading →

Leap of Faith – Part 1

People meet in weird ways. Sometimes, some very odd circumstances lead us to meeting people we would not generally entertain, let alone let them hold a special place in our lives. Vinay and Trisha met in a similar way. Vinay and Trisha were part of a Facebook page “Vacant Hours” which generally posted funny memes.... Continue Reading →

Happy Ending?

They say, now is the right age.Time to take your life to the next stage.Friends keep saying, they are waiting for my big event.Time to look for a guy who is well to do and decent. They suggest you to sign up on a Matrimony site.Time to put on some pictures where you look slim... Continue Reading →

Unanswered Questions

Sitting by the window, I figured one night that I wasn't very strong. Because I couldn't sleep calmly after doing even the slightest of wrong. I keep tossing up in bed thinking my words might have really hurt. Yet I see some people walk with their heads held high after turning other's lives to dirt.... Continue Reading →

Modern problems require old solutions

Sadly, my pen has been in a longer quarantine than me. However, as promised I am back with the solutions. In my last post, I discussed some of the reasons of why are we constantly unhappy despite we have all the necessary resources around us. This blog focuses on a few solutions around those problems.... Continue Reading →

Why are we unhappy?

Why are we in a constant pain? Why we are suffering from discontent even though we have enough to lead a good life? This post is dedicated to our modern problems, to everyone who has faced anxiety, anger, discontent and a desire to just stay in the bed for days doing nothing. Problem 1: Myself... Continue Reading →

A Regular Morning

After a long time, I went for a stroll in the park. There weren’t many people there, just one couple jogging ahead of me. It was 5:45 a.m. and I was wearing a blue colored Track suit with my headphones on listening to “Stressed Out” track from Twenty One Pilots. I had been there barely... Continue Reading →

Where am I headed?

Rushing our mornings to reach the workplace on time. Running after money, counting every single dime. Work seems unfulfilling, relationships heavy and life dull. Watching Youtube whole night, killing time, secretly wishing for someone to cuddle. Switching style, switching jobs, switching relationships nothing seems good enough to hold on. Change is the only constant they... Continue Reading →

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