Top 10 Travel Tips..!!

When you step out from your sweet home and are ready for heading towards an unknown place which is really different from the one where you live, then take care of various small things which can really make a big difference. Even today after having been to many trips, I still make mistakes whenever I... Continue Reading →

Where am I headed?

Rushing our mornings to reach the workplace on time. Running after money, counting every single dime. Work seems unfulfilling, relationships heavy and life dull. Watching Youtube whole night, killing time, secretly wishing for someone to cuddle. Switching style, switching jobs, switching relationships nothing seems good enough to hold on. Change is the only constant they... Continue Reading →

I wish.

I wish life was final and not death. I wish I could turn dream into reality. I wish I could design my future myself I wish I had a choice of staying instead of bidding adieu I wish you meant what you said I wish we could have led a better life I wish we... Continue Reading →

Sunset at Dwarka

The sky takes on shades of orange during sunrise and sunset, the colour that gives you hope that the sun will set only to rise again.  - Ram Charan  Follow us on:  INSTAGRAM|FACEBOOK

And a magic happened…

19th Jan 2018, Morning was absolutely chilling. I woke up early and went to friend's place to play cricket. It was about 1PM, when we returned back to room and we were just relaxing. One of my friend "Shubham" and I were busy in blaming each other throughout the match because we were failed to... Continue Reading →

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