Levels- Hauz Khas Village

Levels is situated in Hauz Khas Village, Delhi and has two levels of sitting area. Rooftop sitting has a great view of Hauz Khas Village. Source: Google The indoor sitting is very well organized. They have a DJ and it starts playing around 1:00 PM, so it’s a go-go place for the people who like... Continue Reading →

Who is to blame? – Part 1

There is a big gathering at Yadav residence today for their lovely daughter Prerna’s wedding. A big group of women is chatting in the hall, some men are engaged in decorating the place, sweets and gifts are flowing in. Prerna’s aunt Aarti just came inside the house with her luggage. Yadav ji’s wife Anandi came... Continue Reading →

International Women’s Day

International Women's day - A very popular day which is celebrated in almost every office,every institute where people talk about women getting the empowerment. It's good to celebrate such days but I think we should celebrate men's day with equal enthusiasm. We have always talked about women getting equal rights, women having the same position... Continue Reading →

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